Mazda Showcases Craftsmen In Spots

Mazda North American Operations is launching a new series of TV spots that focus on the craftsmen behind the vehicles.

Continuing the “Driving Matters” theme, the spots aim to connect the passion of Mazda’s Takumi craftsmen and the energy they put into design, with the joy owners get out of driving their Mazda vehicles. 

From The Garage, Team Mazda, the first spot debuted February 25. The spots were developed as short-form documentaries and will be part of a collection of longer-form films that more fully depict what makes Mazda, the people behind the company, and the vehicles it develops so unique.

The spots highlight the real-life people who put their heart and soul into designing vehicles for the “wants and needs” of Mazda’s customers, says Russell Wager, vice president of marketing at Mazda.



“Even the plant managers, they are so passionate about it,” Wager told Marketing Daily during an interview at the Chicago Auto Show. “You’re sitting there watching the vehicles come down the (assembly) line and after about five minutes, it’s the same thing over and over again. But they take such pride and they are making sure that everything is made the right way, that the fit and finish is perfect. What looks like it happens in about a minute and half on each station, they have been so meticulous about it -- that it can’t get any better.” 

“Oneness” features Masanori Minamisawa, the actual craftsman who led the exterior design team for the all-new MX-5 Miata RF. In the spot, Minamisawa describes how music has elevated his role as a designer for Mazda. By relating the oneness he feels when playing music to that of designing a vehicle, he has the ability to share that same feeling with Mazda owners when they drive their car. 

The spot will air across major television stations including ABC and NBC, cable and sports stations and on digital media platforms through March 26. In-cinema advertising will begin later this week.

The next spot in the design series will debut in alignment with the launch of the all-new Mazda CX-5 in early April 2017.

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