Amplify Boosts Revenue, Email Engagement With Salesforce

Amplify Credit Union significantly boosted its annual profit and email marketing engagement by implementing Salesforce to unify siloed data sources and optimize customer engagement. 

Amplify boosted annual profit 400% after partnering with Salesforce last year, as well as increasing email open rates by 45% and click-through rates by 20%.

Based in Austin, Amplify Credit Union is a financial cooperative serving 57,000 members through eight Texas locations. The company turned to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud last year to streamline data and increase lead generation with personalized customer communications.

“Each time a customer clicks we learn what they are interested in,” says Lisa Nicholas, SVP and CDO at Amplify. “We’re listening to them and then serving them other pieces of information. That was impossible for us before.”

Previously, Amplify’s customer data was stored across 80 separate systems. Amplify used its own homegrown CRM system, but “it just wasn’t very easy to use,” says Nicholas. “You had to know query language and you would have to upload every email list every time, so we couldn’t leverage things like send-time optimization.”



Since implementing Salesforce, Nicholas says her team has access to more data insights than ever before. “Being able to bring data into one place we can really map out the customer journey,” says Nicholas, citing how she now has an understanding of what’s driving conversions instead of just simply tracking engagement.

Amplify has also leveraged the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to drive digital leads to the company’s physical office branches. Amplify builds out phone queues attached to specific actions, and Nicholas says the sales team has been more efficient since implementing Salesforce.

“We can now leverage those resources elsewhere, building out member journeys and creating a better customer experience,” says Nicholas.

An independent study by Nucleus Research found that Amplify saw a 1079% return on investment after implementing Salesforce last year, with an annual benefit of almost $2.8 million. The research firm estimates that Amplify would have needed to double the advertising spent of its previous program to achieve the same results.

Amplify’s lead generation has increased by 50% while CPA has decreased to the same degree, according to the company. In addition, reporting time has decreased by 98% since employees are now able to pull reports from a unified source.

Amplify Credit Union plans to expand its Salesforce partnership by deploying Mobile Studio. Nicholas looks forward to investigating Einstein’s artificial intelligence capabilities as well. 

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