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Ad Tech Veterans Bring Wall Street Trading To Ad Inventory

Ad tech vets are working with Nasdaq to launch the New York Interactive Advertising Exchange, a technology platform designed to bring Wall Street sensibilities to the buying and selling of advertising inventory, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. While it's a goal shared by many companies and executives in the programmatic ad sector, the NYIAX aims to "facilitate the sale and trading of digital ad space as guaranteed contracts and plans to eventually branch into TV ad inventory. Unlike existing exchanges where digital ads are often sold in 'real time,' NYIAX is focusing on the ad space that is typically sold weeks or months in advance. The team is counting on this difference to distinguish its product from existing advertising technology," the paper reported. The exchange is built on Nasdaq exchange technology that's used for financial transactions "Richard Bush, NYIAX’s chief product and technology officer, said blockchain allows NYIAX to enable more transparency and permanency of records while lowering risks and providing better data security."



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