Study: TV Consumption Steady Or Growing

Traditional TV networks and platforms will appreciate this news: U.S. viewers are watching the same or more TV content than they did two years ago.

A survey of 2,151 adults, conducted from March 16 to 19 from Morning Consult, says two of three respondents spend the same or more time with TV. The study also said that 45% watch more traditional TV than streaming and 29% watch more streaming than traditional; 34% report no change.

Looking individually at each TV platforms, 19% of respondents say they are watching more traditional TV versus two years ago, with 40% using more streaming services.

Industry analysts have estimated that consumers are increasing their total TV viewing time for all TV programs -- via streaming and traditional TV platforms.

The Morning Consult survey also says 29% of 18-29 viewers rely solely on streaming services for their television content -- and that 54% of that young TV group uses streaming more than traditional TV.

The study says “cable lags behind streaming in every important measure” when it come to satisfaction around cost, amount of content, and quality of content. Cost was a major area.

Satisfaction with the cost of streaming TV content posted a 75% score, while for cable it posted a 36% approval number.



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