Facebook Launches 'Make Facebook Your Facebook'

Facebook launched "Make Facebook Your Facebook" in Germany, which illustrates how users can customize the social media platform into something that best reflects them.

The campaign, by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, uses snippets from video submissions from Germans with Facebook pages to educate users about common misconceptions about the social network.

One video shows how to hide posts because not everyone loves adorable cat videos. Germans also hate the type of news found on Facebook, since it doesn't add or enrich their lives in any way.

Who wants 1,000 friend requests a day from people you don't know and will never know? Ramp up your settings and decide who can contact you.

Another video explains how to share content with certain groups of people. You might be Facebook friends with your boss, but do you want him to see you partying it up regularly?

The final video shows users how to unfollow friends -- namely, the ones who post every five seconds about every meal or workout they've completed.



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