BIZ DEV: Erwin Penland Named First AOR For Kill Cliff

Kill Cliff, a manufacturer of workout recovery drinks, named Erwin Penland as its first-ever agency of record, tasked with brand, strategy, content & social media elements.

Kill Cliff was created by a Navy Seal as a healthier alternative to energy drinks, sports drinks and other post workout beverages. The drinks are high in carbohydrates and proteins, to replenish the glycogen stores used during a strenuous workout.

"We have been fans of Kill Cliff for a long time; we were their clients before they were ours," said Con Williamson, chief creative officer and president of Erwin Penland. "They have an amazing story, an amazing product and are run by an amazingly passionate group of people who have only one mission: more humans living up to their full potential. Our goal now is to help build on their core within CrossFit to a mass appeal and global market presence."



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