NEW! Planet Fitness Has Dibs On Naming 9th Planet; Sun Basket Launches Kid-Designed Recipes

Astronomers are searching for an elusive ninth planet that's 10 times the size of earth. Planet Fitness scored a deal with the International Space Organization to have the next planet found be named Planet Fitness. In return, the company will power the organization's massive telescope with energy generated from Planet Fitness treadmills. Sounds fair. Hill Holliday created the campaign.

Sun Basket meal delivery service figured out the way to get kids to eat: have them become the chefs and design their own meal plans. The Kids Plan, available April 1, is full of kid-friendly food, since, as one kids puts it, "grown-up food is just plain disgusting."

With kids developing their own menu options, don't be too surprised to see pasta paired with gummy worms and candy corn drizzled with an entire bottle of maple syrup. There's also lasagna with Fruit Loops, chips, cookies and Pop-Tarts, topped with sprinkles and chocolate rabbit shavings. The final meal is a hot dog, with a burnt hot dog bun, gummy sharks, gum drops, and a ketchup and mustard demiglace. Hearing kids say demiglace warms my heart. Who's ready for sugar shock?



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