5 Tips To Optimize Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most widely deployed marketing channel according to new research from the Relevancy Group, but email marketers can still optimize their performance with better data-driven segmentation.

In its report, the Relevancy Group outlined five tips to up email marketing performance in 2017:

  1. Leverage Identity Management
  2. Adopt Segmentation and Real-Time Data
  3. Utilize Dynamic Content
  4. Design With Mobile In Mind
  5. Institutionalize Testing

Two-thirds of 500 marketing executives polled by the research firm said their company utilizes email marketing, followed distantly by the 42% of marketers that leverage organic Facebook marketing to grow their business.



Some 40% of marketers deployed online display ads, 39% used printed direct marketing material, while 37% of respondents incorporated online video into their marketing initiatives. A little under one-third of marketers polled leveraged mobile strategies, such as SMS or mobile applications.

“Email marketing continues to dominate, in part because of its ease-of-deployment, productivity and cost-effective track record,” writes David Daniels, CEO and founder at the Relevancy Group. “Email marketing is the workhorse of the industry, but this dominance also underscores marketers’ need to use relevant targeting to cut through the competitive clutter.”

Email marketing grew year-over-year, according to the Relevancy Group, but marketers remain lax about incorporating data best practices to boost email ROI.

Fewer than half of marketers utilize data to segment their email marketing outreach, per the report, suggesting the majority of marketers still send the same email to their entire subscriber list. Just 35% of marketers used demographic data to segment email campaigns, while 31% of respondents incorporated geographic data into their outreach.

“Successful email marketers will focus on the customer experience and deliver relevant messages through the use of historical data, such as click behavior or customer spending, or will utilize moment marketing through real-time data including location, weather or other event-based data,” writes Daniels.


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