NEW! Small Brewery Names Beer 'Responsibly,' The Beer Other Beers Tell You To Drink

Joke's on you, big beer brands. UBREW, a small craft brewery in London, named its new low alcohol beer "Responsibly," and advertises it as the beer that all other beers tell you to drink. The campaign plays off the "drink responsibly" messages seen on packaging, bottles and cans.

A social media campaign consists of three quick videos starring a UBREW exec. The exec thanks other beer brands in one clip for telling beer lovers to drink responsibly. In another, the exec donates Responsibly's brand jingle, which is not as sexy as mainstream beers. It's no rock anthem, it's a bagpipe.

The last video is my favorite. Urged to drink "Responsibly" and in moderation, the exec debuts a brand of potato chips called... "Moderation."

McCann Milan and Craft London created the campaign.



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