DataXu Launches Self-Serve TV-Buying Platform

DataXu on Wednesday launched a self-serve TV buying platform that it said will enable brands and agencies to reach custom audiences and access real-time insights on addressable devices.

OneView allows marketers to define custom audiences based on their own first-party data and third-party data from data providers like Oracle Data Cloud, engaging audiences across Web sites, mobile apps, and TV content. 

DataXu said OneView aims to help marketers trying to figure out how to reach specific types of consumers with consistent messages and at a certain frequency. It said that the new offering will enable marketers to tailor messaging to audiences across all device types, including TV, with services that include message sequencing.

OneView also allows marketers that have developed custom digital audiences through the Oracle Data Cloud to use the same audiences in TV. With DataXu, marketers will be able to go beyond standard age and gender guarantees with custom audiences and insights that can be used as extensions to the increasingly popular “secondary guarantees” that are part of TV buys, the company claims.



OneView clients can access TV content from such networks as Fox, HGTV, AMC, The CW,  and Food Network; choose from nearly 300 curated content providers across Google AdX, Sling, Tremor, AOL, SpotX, and OpenX; reduce over- and under-saturation across devices due to real-time frequency controls; and access insights like in-demo reach, interests, lifestyle, and shopping behaviors.

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