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Google Eases Rules On Publishers That Violate Its Ad Policies

  • Re/code, Monday, May 15, 2017 8:27 AM

Google said it's changing how it enforces its ads policies: "It will now strike ads from individual web pages that violate its ads standards. That means Google will effectively be cutting fewer websites out of its ad network," Recode reports. The upshot is that sites may also be suspended on the AdSense platform for violations. Simiarly,  publishers may also be suspended or disabled from using AdSense. "Previously, a publisher’s full site would be suspended from ad placements if only one page violated Google’s policies," Recode said. Google and publishers in the AdSense network share ad revenue so the upshot is that "Google and its publisher partners will lose less money," the report said. The changes come after global advertisers have boycotted YouTube after their ads appeared next to offensive and hate-filled video content.

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