Study: Advanced Video Ad Performs Better Than Pre-Roll Video Ads

Advanced video advertising offers better performance overall than standard pre-roll video ads, according to the 2017 Global Video Benchmarks Report by video marketing platform Innovid, which examined thousands of video campaigns across more than 200 global brands.

The Innovid study seeks to demonstrate how advanced video advertising, which includes interactive elements such as overlays, clickable content, and more, compares to pre-roll video advertising, which is static video without any advanced features.

Both types of ads play prior to the start of a video that a consumer is viewing.

Innovid said that while advanced video can come in many forms, the two categories that the study focuses on are designed to engage viewers within the ad itself (custom interactive) vs. videos designed to encourage the user to click through to a new webpage or app, independent of the ad.

Innovid said video advertising performance varies across publisher types, ad lengths, and the sizes of video players.

Among the study's findings:  

--Advanced video on connected TV generates the highest completion rates compared to mobile and desktop devices. (Completion rate measures the percentage of impressions where 100% of the pre-roll video was watched by a consumer)

--As attention spans get shorter, marketers need to get more creative -- why adding interactive features such as custom interactive or click-through messaging within the video can help keep viewers more engaged.

--Custom interactive video campaigns earned a 561% percent lift in total user activity over standard pre-roll campaigns.

--Custom interactive video campaigns deliver an average of 41 additional seconds in time earned, on top of the time spent watching the 15- or 30 second pre-roll.

--Mobile click-through on interactive video has the greatest click-through rate, compared to any other format or device, and a 57% percent lift over desktop.

--Custom Interactive video on connected TV generates the highest completion rates compared to any other device or format, a 73% lift over mobile and a 23% lift over desktop.

--As video duration increases, engagement rates increase and completion rate decreases.

--The tag type "VPAID HTML" (Video Player-Ad Interface Definition) has experienced the highest growth of any tag type, up 357%  from the first half of 2016 to the second half of 2016.

The report also looked at the baseline performance for brand awareness, video completions, engagement, time earned, and more, on video campaigns across various publisher placements and ad lengths.

It also detailed how performance varies by format across devices, and offers global video benchmarks for various industries including gaming, auto, and the travel/tourism sectors.

For example, travel/tourism generated the highest percentage of connected TV impressions compared to other industries. By contrast, consumer packaged goods (CPG) household and CPG personal products, and the entertainment verticals allocated more video impressions to mobile devices than other industries.

The finance/insurance, pharma, and travel/tourism sectors were found to have invested more in desktop video than any other industries.

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  1. Jeffrey Eisenberg from Blue Car Digital, May 16, 2017 at 11:43 a.m.

    Surprising that the result of a study by an "advanced video ad" company would tell us that advanced video ads would yield better performance

  2. Tobi Elkin from MediaPost, May 16, 2017 at 3:11 p.m.

    Well, you do have a point!

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