Fox Strikes Moat Video Measurement Deal

Following up on NBC’s morning upfront announcement about using a new video measurement from Moat, a digital advertising analytics measurer, Fox Network Group offered up details of a similar deal with service.

Joe Marchese, president of advertising revenue for Fox Networks Group, said both Fox and NBC’s deal with Moat’s Video Quality Scores will measure video across all on-demand viewing environments.

In part, Fox will be working alongside NBCUniversal. “FNG [Fox Network Group] and NBC are enabling Moat’s Video Quality Score across all on-demand viewing environments and collaborating to bring Moat measurement to linear,” according to release.

Marchese said: “FNG will guarantee against Moat’s Video Quality Score for the FNG portions of any campaign that implements Moat campaign-wide.”

For advertisers, the company is offering a new “brand life optimization system” called UP//LIFT, powered by true[X] -- the advanced advertising unit of Fox Networks Group.



Fox says, for example, "sentiment’" data gathered by UP//LIFT on Fox Sports Go app during a 1 p.m. NFL game can be leveraged to determine which creative a car company will run in a 4 p.m. broadcast.

Marchese also says Fox will look to incorporate new advertising solutions -- that includes sequencing creative in a program, cross-platform optimization of campaigns and single sponsor ‘exclusivity’ within on-demand streams.

As a result of these efforts, Fox says, its FX network will no longer be selling standard commercials across digital and on-demand viewing environments.

Fox Network Group also said it is starting up its own in-house integrated marketing agency agency, called All City. The unit will be led by Tony Sella, former chief creative officer of Fox Filmed Entertainment.

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