IAB Tech Lab Officially Releases Dynamic Content Ad Standard

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)'s Tech Lab has officially released the Dynamic Content Ad Standard in a bid to “increase the fluidity of ad formats and in general allow for more of a content-driven model where an ad simply becomes a rendering of several pieces of content.”

“It will serve as a foundation to a new era of dynamic ads, which have quickly become a big game-changing innovation in the advertising and digital marketing world,” Diaz Nesamoney, co-chair of the IAB’s Tech Lab Dynamic Content Ad Standards Committee, and founder and CEO of Jivox, wrote in a blog post on the IAB’s Tech Lab Web site.

A draft of the guidelines was initially released in October 2016, when the IAB Tech Lab called on industry members to offer feedback, which has now been incorporated into the ratified standard.

The core of the standard defines the content of an ad using metadata to describe the various components of an ad (image, copy, animation, video etc.). In doing so, the various components can be individually selected for placement based on data triggers, offering marketers the ability to accurately target on a granular basis.

The new IAB Tech Lab standard can accommodate all current ad formats, and will likely be able to integrate those that have yet to be created. Nesamoney pointed to chatbot ad formats and VR ads potentially using this standard in the future.

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  1. Craig Jaffe from Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business, May 18, 2017 at 11:54 a.m.

    In our business, there are instances when agencies, brands, publishers and ad tech companies produce digital ads that are larger than the required file sizes. This has been known to sometimes slow load time in web and app/mobile and desktop--leading to a degraded user experience. As we all know, a large (and growing) segment of users revolted and have taken measures to block ads. Therefore, the IAB's recent efforts to create standards governing the specifications of a certain class of digital advertisements is a worthwhile industry development. Thank you, IAB, for advocating desperately needed standards.

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