Email Is Riding High, And We've Only Just Triggered Its Secret Weapon

We all know it, but in case the trendy digital marketing team need a wake-up call to look away from "likes" and making funny filters for Snapchat, there's yet more proof that email is moving from strength to strength. And that's without its killer secret weapon being fully unleashed -- or should I say, triggered.

The latest figures from Yes Lifecycle Marketing show that email open rates are up 4% for the last quarter, compared to the one before. They're now at 16%, the highest recorded in four years and click-to-open rates are up to nearly 9%. And guess what the researchers believe this success is all down to attributable to? You guessed it -- the simple message has got through. Personalised targeted campaigns with compelling subject lines, and of course, good offers on products people need are the reasons why email is going from strength to strength.

And the secret weapon. Well, there was a hint earlier. Here is the killer stat. Are you ready? Triggered emails are growing in adoption, but accounted for just 7% of email sent in Q1. How successful was that 7%? Well, they generated five times the click rate, doubled the open rate, and most importantly, tripled the click-to-open rate. 

So what's not to like? A consumer does something, and your email system is triggered to respond. It could be a thanks for the order, before we ship, would you like us to upgrade the product or shipping terms. It might be thanks for dropping by, are you sure you didn't want that product you left in the cart? You've just signed up for our list, we're so excited, here's a voucher code for your first order. 

Whatever action your customers or prospects take, there's an email for that. And that email can triple the average click-to-open rate. 

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