• Playing Games With Unsubscribers Is Becoming Increasingly Risky
    Making it difficult to unsubscribe will backfire on brands as tighter regulation approaches.
  • Email's Secret Formula -- Trust, Convenience, And Most Of All, Good Deals
    It's not rocket science. Research shows great offers work best, as long as your brand is trusted.
  • Google Deserves No Thanks For Calling Time On Spying
    No more scanning of Gmail emails -- and about time too. Google shouldn't have -- and didn't need to -- spy on its users.
  • Repermissioning Is The New Norm -- Top Lawyer Tells All On GDPR
    Even if you're geared up for opt-in, repermissioning will become a chore repeated every other year under GDPR.
  • ROI Means Email Beats Social And Paid Search Every Time
    Email marketing has an ROI four times higher than social and paid search because transactional emails get an eightfold boosts in opens.
  • Segmentation And Automation Are The Antidote To 'Spray And Pray'
    It's impossible to be truly personal, isn't it? But don't let that stop you from segmenting and automating to get as near as you can.
  • Millennials Love Email, But On Their Dual Inbox Terms
    One in two Millennials are making three purchases a quarter through branded emails that they keep safely stored in a second inbox.
  • Email Chosen Above Social (Again!) As The Top Channel To Invest In
    Once again, email has been named as the channel that companies will put more investment in this year than any other, including social.
  • Ditch The Pictures? Could Text-Only Emails Make You More Friends?
    Text-only emails might sound boring but if you want to be a reader's best friend, they can end up feeling like welcome letters which update and upgrade.
  • Wow -- Someone Just Turned The Inbox Into A Checkout
    In a mobile-first world, email must be interactive and intuitive, and so a start-up is letting recipients check out within a message.
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