• Wanna Reach Millennials? Then Keep On Emailing
    Pssst -- there's a fab way of reaching Millennials on their preferred channel, and it goes by the name of email.
  • Is Privacy Shield Already A Dead Man Walking?
    It has a year's grace, but the post Safe Harbor rules to allow EU data to flow to the U.S. are heavily criticised by EU members' privacy regulators. The clock is surely ticking on this one.
  • One In Three Aren't Seeing The Full Picture -- Time To Work On Imaging Permissions
    Research shows that one in three recipients will not see your campaign imagery, so getting permission will let you give a list for the full picture.
  • Is Europe Ready For Mobile-First Email Marketing?
    The rest of Europe will follow the UK's mobile-first lead. So, if your campaigns don't work on a small screen and a fat thumb, get back to the drawing board.
  • Humanity Is The Killer App Email Marketers Must Never Ditch
    Automation is one thing, but would you really trust copy to a robot? Of course not. Only humans can market to humans.
  • If Email's So 'Legacy' How Comes It's Driving Digital Targeting And Cross-Channel Conversions?
    It's so easy to write off email and forget how it's the main way we're targeted in digital and identified in cross-channel purchases.
  • Helping Is Nice -- Selling Is Better
    The DMA's list of retailers customers are most engaged with serves as a reminder that helpful content strategies are ok but the leaders are all about making sales.
  • Automation Is Great If It Helps, Awful When It Hinders
    Automation is email marketing's top priority but too many are rushing out automatically triggered messages which raise more questions than they answer.
  • You Had Me At Hello -- Don't Blow It With Just A Thank You
    It's great to say thanks for signing up, but research shows that half of email marketers think they should be doing more with welcome notes. Polls, offers, feedback? Whatever it is, don't sign off with just a "hello" and "thanks."
  • Don't Panic -- Email's Well Placed To Survive Post-Brexit Budget Cuts
    Digital marketing is less likely than print and tv to suffer from Brexit marketing cutbacks, so work out email's ROI so you can remind the board what a good job plain old email marketing does every day.
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