• 'Is This The End?' -- Could GDPR Compliance Be This Simple?
    Could a simple "Is This The End?" question be the answer to GDPR woes? Could compliance come through just a simple piece of email hygiene?
  • Email Marketing Is Mobile -- Why Aren't Your Campaigns?
    The majority of emails are now opened on a mobile device, so why are so many campaigns illegible or hard to interact with -- unless customers can remember their reference off the top of their head?
  • GDPR Is A Gilded Opportunity To Innovate And Find New Global Customers -- Just Ask The DMA
    GDPR is mandatory, but it will force brands to create 'VIP' clubs that serve customers better -- and when in place, will make the UK a springboard for new global partners to market to the EU post-Brexit.
  • You've Struggled With Effective Storytelling Because The Secret Is Rarely Told -- Until Now
    What's the secret of great storytelling? There's a clue, present in the above title, and a bit more below for a happy ending.
  • Email Is In 'Rude Health' But Needs Personalisation To Pick Up Click-Through Rates
    The DMA has announced that email is in rude health, and that's certainly true of deliverability -- but swamped inboxes need personalisation to stop five years of decline in click-through rates.
  • Consent Means Consent And Brexit Means Brexit -- A Big EU Day, But Little Changed
    It was a huge day in Europe Tuesday as businesses found that Brexit really does mean Brexit and email marketers learned that explicit consent really does mean consent that is explicit.
  • Email Marketing Is Ahead Of The Curve On EU Rules Bringing Panic To Adland
    Adland is clearly concerned by the direction EU policymakers are taking, but if they look at email marketing, they will see a niche that is way ahead of them in dealing with stronger consumer protection.
  • Email's Big Decision -- Carry On Spying, Or Truly Help Customers?
    As the EU makes clear that it's not happy with emails being scanned, it seems reasonable to ask whether we are about spying -- or empowering customers?
  • Did Email Marketing Just Catch A Massive EU Break? DMA Certainly Thinks So
    The latest ePrivacy wording is giving b2b email marketers cause to rejoice, the DMA assures. Offer an opt-out and things can carry on as usual.
  • Email Steps Up To Deliver On The Broken Promise Of Social 'Buy' Buttons
    If 2016 has reaffirmed one thing, it is that email pounds social whenever ROI and sales are examined. Hence, marketers are ditching social "buy" buttons for content-driven email campaigns.
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