• 'Do EU Feel Lucky, Punk?' 1 In 4 Drop GDPR Plans
    Although GDPR's huge fines will start biting in May, nearly a year before the earliest point for UK/EU separation, 1 in 4 firms say they're ditching compliance plans.
  • Why Does Email Marketing Suck So Badly At Goodbyes?
    Email marketers really need to work on their goodbyes. Not only is offering an alternative to a hard exit good for lists, but it provides feedback you will never get from just shrugging and closing the door.
  • Email Marketing's Sage Lesson -- Lists Are Best Built The Hard Way
    Research shows that email marketers know all too well that the best ways to build targeted lists are the toughest -- putting in the hours on social, content and SEO.
  • Email Is Mobile, So Moving, Tactile Campaigns Are The Latest Instant Hit
    Kinetic emails are already proving that moving emails can boost open rates by 18% and click-throughs by 10%. Now that email is mobile, it has to start moving and get tactile, doesn't it?
  • Could Email Be The Next Chatbot?
    What if you could begin typing simple requests to a confirmation email and they just got done? What's not to like?
  • Email Smashes Facebook Again, With 4x More Retail Reach
    Three in four UK adults say they get email retail offers regularly compared to less than one in five who recall promotion on Facebook. Email has gone and smashed Facebook -- again.
  • Relevant Content: The Next Frontier For Email Marketing
    The DMA is pointing to content being a massive "pinch point" that email marketing must get right. Today, half of email marketers know content drives engagement, but only 4% of consumers agree.
  • Email Marketing Just Got A Massive ROI Blessing In Disguise
    So bounces and unsubscribes are up, but those who remain are shopping more and spending more. What's not to like?
  • Personalisation Boosts Conversions For More Than Four In Five Email Marketers
    Personalisation is often put forward as the way to boost conversions, but what do email marketers who have tried it have to say? Well there are uplifts for four in five, major uplifts for more than a quarter.
  • Dynamic Targeting Is Coming And It's Personalisation On Real-Time Steroids
    Half of email marketers are planning to add dynamic targeting to their arsenal this year because it takes personalisation to the next level.
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