• GDPR Is Inevitable -- Email Marketers Should Rejoice, Then Repermission
    The regulator has made it clear that there is no choice over GDPR, and that can only be good news for email marketers who toe the line and clean up lists.
  • Abandoned Shopping Carts Are Email Marketing's Greatest Opportunity
    Abandoned shopping cart retargeting emails are the most successful automated messages that a marketer can program in, but make sure they stick to what the person expressed an interest in, not the latest offer you're trying to sell.
  • Mobile Growth Proves Email Marketing Is Still Top Dog
    It may get written off by social gurus and the like, but Deloitte's latest research shows mobile email use is soaring. Thus, brands are finding no dip in interaction, despite the increase in send levels.
  • Confused By Contradictory Guru Advice? A/B Testing Will Let You Know What Your Customers Think
    One says be punchy and send at weekends, another says long headlines and weekends work just fine. The answer? Get out there and A/B test experts' findings and your customers will tell you what works best.
  • Email Marketing Is No Space For Dumb Retargetting
    We have become accustomed to it in digital display, but aren't email inboxes a step too far for dumb retargetting?
  • Love Hearts, Bright Sun And Umbrellas Might Be The Emoji Boost Your Open Rates Need
    Sunshine and umbrella emojis boost open rates by the greatest amount, while the most widely used -- the red love heart -- sees the smallest increase.
  • Personalisation, Subject-Line Predictors Got A Very Quiet Thumbs Up At Dmexco
    It's the channel that often gets overlooked amidst the hype on VR and programmatic, but in a small corner of the show, personalisation and subject-line success prediction technology were fighting the good fight for the medium.
  • Personalisation Is Key As Holiday Season Approaches
    Open rates dip around the holiday, but to keep open rates acceptable personalisation is essential.
  • Can Email Marketers Be Expected To Be GDPR Ready Before The Regulator?
    The DMA is checking up on businesses' progress in preparing for GDPR -- but without a full and clear guidance from the ICO, is there any point?
  • Can You Afford Not To Find Out What Will Drive Interaction To Leap 39%?
    Subject headers with an element of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) see a massive rise in interaction in the UK, but In the U.S., not so much.
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