• Mobile-First? Don't Write Off The Tablet
    Research shows tablets are as prominent in opening emails as the desktop. The two channels are very much alike, questioning our assumption that it's overwhelmingly a mobile-first market.
  • Is AI About To Offer The Ultimate In Personalised Email?
    Could AI allow email marketers to take personalisation to new heights and build segments of just one?
  • When Saying Welcome Pays Huge Dividends, Why Do Only 1 In 2 Retailers Bother?
    Welcome emails are not only good manners, they're a great follow-up to increase wallet share and make people far more likely to keep opening your emails. So simple -- why do only half bother?
  • FOMO Is Driving Record High Click-Throughs And Opens, But Not In All Sectors
    Fear Of Missing Out is a prime driver in email interaction, as government and legal senders know well. Could a lack of FOMO in b2c be behind comparatively lower interaction rates?
  • Time To Kick Yahoo To The Kerb Before It Ruins Email Marketing For All
    Yahoo can keep on lecturing users, but we know the fault lies with them. After twenty years of being let down, the last couple of years have been unbearable.
  • GDPR Disconnect: 1 In 3 Know They Are Headed For Huge Fines -- Where's The Action?
    A whopping one in three companies are not expecting to be GDPR-compliant in time for May 2018, yet two in three know it's looming large. This disconnect has to end.
  • Consumers Are Drowning In Email -- Segmentation Has To Be The Answer
    It's not just you -- consumers' top reason for unsubscribing from lists is too much email in general. Executives must think about frequency, then, but most of all they have to segment lists for added relevancy.
  • Just Show Us The Deals -- You Can Keep The Content
    Nearly half of email marketers think consumers want their carefully crafted prose, but in reality, only 4% are bothered. It's deals and free delivery they are after. Simple.
  • Open Rates Rated -- How Do You Compare?
    Arts and entertainment are on top with travel and marketing at the bottom -- showing that open rates vary by industry, according to consumer interest and crucially, frequency of likely purchases.
  • Are You Hitting Your Golden Hour?
    The best hour to send out email has been named as between 8am and 9am on a working week morning, particularly a Tuesday or Thursday.
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