• Millennials Love Email -- Only Differently, On Their Terms
    Email is routinely written off because Millennials are communicating over messaging services. However, when it comes to brands, it's still their preferred channel -- only on their terms.
  • Business Email Marketing Is Moving On -- Opt-In Or Ship Out
    The DMA announces its fight against the new ePrivacy draft rules, which will extend email opt-in to b2b. But hasn't this already been settled by GDPR's very clear, universal opt-in rules?
  • The Stats Are In -- Time To Up Your Email Game And Sell More, Or Do Nothing And Be Ignored
    The reward is that the top players are seeing a rise in transactions through email. The alternative is to be one of the increasing number of brands that are languishing in rarely checked spare email accounts.
  • Email Smashes Social, Again, As Buy Buttons Fail And Inboxes Deliver
    Email is at it again. After driving one in five sales over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is now proving three times more cost-effective -- as social is driving sales now that "buy" buttons have been exposed as disappointing.
  • Careful Cleaning Those Lists -- Inactive Subscribers Are More Useful Than You Think
    That's the standout tip I picked up recently while catching up with the guys at MailChimp as email marketers prepare for the last weekend before Christmas.
  • Email Smashes Social, Because It's Yours, Not Theirs
    It's easy to be turned by the new kid on the block, but marketers have to remember an email list is their own, while most of its Facebook fans belong to the social giant and can only be reached by paying to "boost."
  • Millennials Are Telling Email Marketers To Be Relevant Or Be Ignored
    New DMA research shows that Millennials are leading a new trend in email to be mobile and to ignore brands that are not relevant by leaving them to go unnoticed in unchecked accounts.
  • Charities In The Dock Again, But What About Energy Companies?
    Two charities have been fined for wealth profiling and selling on email address without consumer consent, but what about a new energy database? It's supposed to help, but could end up getting the authorities into some very hot water.
  • Wanna Reach Millennials? Get Emailing (Just Do The Math)
    It's their favourite medium to interact with brands, and given the challenges of ad blocking, fraud, viewability and brand safety, it's easy to see why email trumps display every time.
  • Email Smashes Social Again To Drive One In Five Cyber Monday Sales
    As if humiliating social on Black Friday wasn't enough, email is the only top channel to see huge sales growth this Cyber Monday. Apparently social created some "buzz."