• It's Official -- GDPR Is A Go, But What Does That Mean For You?
    There's been a question over whether GDPR's strict opt-in approach would become law, given the vote for Brexit, but the Government is clear. GDPR is enshrined in law and the ICO is working on more guidance. It's happening. Are you getting ready to get ready?
  • The Words That Work In Subject Lines, And The Surprise One That Don't
    Who would have thought it? Video and data are the kiss of death in a subject line, but image and UK are surefire winners.
  • UK Leads EU In Personalisation And Open Rates, So Will GDPR Bite Harder On EU List Size?
    The UK leads the rest of Europe in open rates, doubtless because of more personalisation. So what will happen when brands that are being ignored implement GDPR and likely, see email lists shrink considerably?
  • Pictures Paint A Thousand Words -- So Keep Them Out Of The Spam Folder
    Humans love pictures, and that's why they're so important in all forms of marketing, but email marketers must learn the trick of getting noticed without getting thrown in the spam folder.
  • GDPR Is The Antidote To Every Email Marketer's Worst Nightmare -- Apathy
    People will drop off lists -- but that will send deliverability in the right direction and leave people who actually want to hear from you rather than those who haven't gotten around to telling you to buzz off.
  • Millennials' Best Kept Secret Is Out -- Email Is The Best Way To Reach Them
    It's not social media and it's not a new killer messaging app. Research is showing that the best way to reach Millennials is email -- a channel they have always embraced, but are showing signs of loving even more.
  • Customers Are Mobile -- Is Your Email Marketing?
    There has never been a better time to reach customers now that three in four prefer email over mobile. But engagement levels are dropping. Could it be that customers are mobile but email marketers are not?
  • Who Needs AI When We Already Know Email Marketing + Data = Better Customer Experience?
    No doubt AI has something to offer -- but right here and now email marketers could be using the channel to offer tailored shopping experiences. They don't need to wait for a software package and a salesman to show them the way.
  • Oh My God, They Killed Email -- Again!
    The latest email "killer" comes from Facebook, but it is coming from a long line of moves intended to put an end to the inbox. Yes, email is still our favourite digital marketing channel.
  • Are We In The Early Days Of Email Fatigue?
    Interaction with branded emails is down, so are we showing the first signs of email fatigue? Or is email's appeal strong enough to carry the channel through?
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