• Email Proven To Be Consumers' Marketing Channel Of Choice, As Long As There Is Control
    People are nearly ten times as willing to swap an email address for offers as they are their social identity. All they want is a little more control.
  • Sorry, Email Marketers -- The Public Just Doesn't Trust You
    Three in four consumers think that brands do not treat data properly and aren't put off by adverse publicity. Time to stop the rot and get clear permissioning in place now.
  • Brexit -- It's Business As Usual For Email And GDPR Compliance
    Brexit does not affect email marketers' need to be GDPR-compliant within two years, so get those re-permissioning strategies ready.
  • B2B Email Marketers: Brace -- And Start Spring Cleaning Now
    Cleaning lists will improve open and click-through rates, and in two years time, it could save you from a huge EU fine.
  • Is Email Emerging As The Cross-Device Champion Of MCommerce?
    Email rarely gets any praise, but consider this -- if 37% of mcommerce requires cross-channel tracking, what better way than email?
  • How One Retailer Has Tripled Email Revenue Through Targeted Segments And eReceipts
    it also doubled mobile sales and open rates just by segmenting audiences with insights further enriched by in-store e-Receipt data.
  • How Email Is Turning Lookers Into Bookers
    Browsing behaviour gives a new dimension to customer data, providing brands with new insight on who is ripe to receive a call to action.
  • Email Marketing Is Mobile -- Why Aren't Your Messages?
    The simplest advice you will ever hear: If your campaigns are text-heavy and not mobile optimised, they will not work in a mobile-first economy.
  • Wanna Know How Not To Do Email? Jawbone Will Show You In Just Three Words
    "Re: Your Dad" is likely to go down as the worst email header in history, as bereaved customers berate Jawbone for the three words that caught their attention for all the wrong reasons.
  • E-Receipts: Deeper Cross-Channel Insight, Better Customer Service -- What's Not To Like?
    E-receipts have to be one of the biggest cross-channel quick wins for both brands and the customers they provide better insight into.
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