• Half Of Companies Not Ready For GDPR -- Time For More Carrot, Less Stick?
    Half of British businesses don't expect to be GDPR compliant in a year's time. Should business benefits be flagged up, rather than fines?
  • Email Knocks Social Out Of The Park, Again
    Yet another comparison between the darling of the marketing team and email shows that the inbox beats the timeline every time.
  • Email Must Get Interactive Or Forget About Gen Z
    Email marketing is rarely mentioned alongside the term Gen Z, and that should alarm. The industry needs to get interactive and useful. Plain text just won't cut it.
  • GDPR Will Be The Law, Under Whatever Name
    GDPR will be law next May, now that we know the PM, if re-elected, will pass a new data law as the UK leaving the EU. GDPR by another name.
  • Email Is Riding High, And We've Only Just Triggered Its Secret Weapon
    Email open and click-through rates are at a four-year high -- and that's as we only just begin to understand the power of triggered emails. The best is yet to come.
  • Face Down The Phishers -- DMARC Is Email's Secret Weapon
    Email marketing can no longer be trusted without more companies and ISPs switching to the tech that proves who the sender really is.
  • Automation And Personalisation Lead, But What About Email ID?
    Just one in five email marketers list using email to identify customers on different sites and devices as a top priority. Surely it's a bigger opportunity than that?
  • Consent Is The Best Way To Target With GDPR Compliance
    The DMA makes some strong points to the ICO on a light-touch approach to segmenting audience, but consent will usually be the best, compliant route for profiling.
  • Hacked Email Elections -- UK And Scotland Next?
    Email is the Russian hackers' political weapon of choice to sew division. Look out for any leaks in the UK election that might encourage Scotland to detach itself from the UK.
  • Email Is The Ultimate ID Tool In A Mobile-First World
    In a mobile-first digital marketing landscape, how else are you going to recognise consumers on multiple devices and channels, if not by email?
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