• Social Takes A Battering As Email Drives 18x More Black Friday Sales
    The trendy channel, loved by "ninjas" and "gurus," took a pounding over Black Friday as good old email delivered 18 times more sales.
  • Welcome Voucher Codes Are 2.5x More Likely To Turn A 'Hi' Into A 'Buy'
    Want to turn newcomers into shoppers? A good old-fashioned money-off voucher code will make welcome messages 2.5x more successful in turning lookers into bookers.
  • Which Is Email's Secret Weapon For Boosting Engagement - A. Polls, B. Polls Or C. Polls?
    Polls are a much underused means of boosting engagement with customers which is great for segmentation and personalisation.
  • Why E-Receipts Are The Greatest Festive Gift Email Marketers Can Give Their Company
    Even the legal considerations outlined by the ICO today are good news for email marketers looking to turn footfall into segmented lists.
  • GDPR Is Definitely Coming -- Time To Prepare, Not Hide
    The Information Commissioner has confirmed, again, that GDPR is a fact of life that will apply before the UK leaves the EU and will protect EU citizens for decades to come. If you were thinking of ducking it, think again.
  • First Mobile-First Christmas Beckons For Email Marketing
    In the third quarter we were on the verge of half of all email-driven orders coming from mobile, so this festive season is likely to see the tipping point where those who embrace mobile will succeed by the clearest margins.
  • Email Marketing's Disconnect Between What It Thinks And What Consumers Do Laid Bare By Research
    What marketers think about each sector's email performance and what consumers tell them are two very different things, as the latest research makes very clear.
  • Research Shows Consumers' Love-Hate Relationship With Email Needs Personalisation
    They prefer it to any other method of communication with a brand -- yet the majority of people are deleting multiple messages, and nearly half will allow branded offers to end up in an account they don't check. Brands need to be relevant and personalised.
  • Millennials' Second-Best Secret Is Out -- Their Love Affair With Email Marketing Just Got Deeper
    Millennials' best-kept secret is that email is their preferred means of contact with brands. The second-best-kept secret is that the love affair is deepening. Millennials' love of email for brand interaction is going from strength to strength.
  • Tide To Turn On Rogue Email Marketers With Personal Fines, A Year Before GDPR
    From spring 2017 on, marketers who transgress data and privacy laws will be held personally responsible through huge fines. The tide will turn in favour of consumer protection a year before GDPR's massive corporate fines come into being.
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