Personalisation Boosts Conversions For More Than Four In Five Email Marketers

it stands to reason that personalisation will always boost conversions with your email marketing campaigns. "Hello" followed by a blank space or "Hey Subscriber" are not the most flattering forms of being addressed, are they? Instead of believing the copy about deals sought us especially for us, we are made only too aware from the very start of the communication that the sender has no idea who we are.

So it's interesting to see what happens when European marketers are asked to report back on the success rate of personalisation in various channels. In an eConsultancy research project involving 600 client-side marketers, email did very well for itself in terms of uplift from personalisation.

Only 17% of those who had tried it found no uplift, whereas more than half -- 56% -- found there was an uplift, and more than one in four, 27%, found there was a major uplift. As such, this made personalisation more effective in email than on Web sites and mobile apps and on a par with SMS personalisation. The major uplift figure is also very similar to the 28% who found that personalisation worked well for them in social. 

It's worth noting, of course, that just as we are talking about each of these channels as different from one another, experts commenting on the research are quick to point out an obvious point. The learnings from each of these distinct channels are not often combined so that true personalisation -- from behaviour picked up on different devices through multiple channels -- is not always made possible. Get that right, experts predict, and personalisation will deliver even stronger results.

As for now, however, if you're struggling with putting forth a business case for personalisation and need a strong indicator that it's the way forward for your organisation's campaigns, the figures should at least show two things. First, that it works out for the majority of marketers and more than one in four see a major uplift. Second, this puts email on a par with social media for the major uplift possible through personalisation, which is also more likely to have a positive impact than personalisation in mobile apps. 


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