NEW! #CheckNews: The Slowest, Most Accurate Search Engine

Check out this human version of Google that French newspaper Liberation created to fight fake news during the French presidential election. was the slowest search engine around, but also the most accurate. It's wasn't powered by algorithms, but by journalists from Liberation who investigated each query, meaning answers were anything but instantaneous.

Before the vote, citizens asked questions and real journalists answered, taking easily spreadable fake news out of the equation. Most questions were answered in a few hours; others, in days. JWT Paris created the campaign.


And now for some real news: After 17 years and close to 1,000 columns -- as I mentioned earlier in this post, fast math isn't my thing -- today marks my final Out to Launch column and last day at MediaPost.



A big thanks to Joe Mandese for giving me free reign to write a column that never once felt like work and to my tireless editor, Phyllis Fine.

I am profoundly grateful to my readers who stuck with me for so many years. Thank you for making me part of your Wednesday afternoon routine. I enjoyed interacting with all of you, those who agreed with me wholeheartedly and those who passionately challenged me. It was all a blast.

If you ever want to talk about advertising, running, food, or simply remind me how bad my beloved Mets are doing this season, drop me a line. TTFN.

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