'Women's Running' New EIC Warren To Expand Social Media, Branding Opportunities

Former Lonely Planet Magazine managing editor Rebecca Warren has been named editor-in-chief of Women’s Running.

Warren told Publishers Daily she plans to expand the publication's social-media presence and redesign the Web site to highlight the brand’s video content.

Women's Running magazine was last redesigned in 2012.

Warren wants to incorporate more cobranding and partnership opportunities across different channels as well, including retail and direct-to-consumer opportunities, such as individualized running and nutrition plans, she said.

Her ultimate goal for Women's Running is to reach “the widest possible audience” to bring more women into the sport, as well as “to dispel a lot of the running myths that you have to be a certain body type or have an athletic background to be a ‘real runner.’ ”

She called this “an exciting time” to be in the health and fitness genre, since  “more people than ever are looking for ways to be active and work fitness into their busy daily routines.” Warren believes it is important to empower women "to put their own health at the top of their to-do lists.”



Running, she added, is unique because it is relatively easy for beginners to pick up.

“All you need is a pair of running shoes and you can get started, no fancy equipment or expensive gym memberships are required,” Warren said.

According to the nonprofit Running USA, 57% of the 17 million race finishers in the U.S. last year were female.  

Warren fills the editor role left open by Jessica Sebor, who was recently promoted to VP of media at parent company Competitor Group.

Monthly visitors to WomensRunning.com average more than 1 million and its social-media following is more than 1.2 million, according to the company.

The brand, which was founded in 2008, claims to be the largest women-specific running magazine. The lifestyle publication covers training, racing, nutrition, skincare and inspirational content.

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