Connected Devices Help Maintain High TV Viewing Levels

TV-connected devices are keeping traditional TV's share of screen viewing high.

The total TV share of gross minutes viewed in the fourth quarter was 92.4% -- with traditional TV viewing share at an 82.1% share. TV-connected devices' viewing share — set-top boxes such as Roku, Apple TV, or Chromecast, as well as gaming consoles, DVD players — was at 10.3%.

This is according to Nielsen’s fourth-quarter comparable metrics report.

Gross minutes spent on viewing video on PCs was at 5.1%; video on smartphone, 1.8%; and video on tablets, 0.7%. The total share for digital devices -- PC, smartphone, and tablet -- was 7.6%.

Looking at weekly hours/minutes of usage, TV pulled in 34 hours/32 minutes (34:32) per week for adults 18 years and old; 17:49 for smartphones; 13:02 for radio; 6:54 for PC; 4:18 for TV-connected devices; and 3:33 for tablet.

Among younger media consumers, those 18-34 spent more time with smartphones (19:39) than traditional TV (19:18). Radio was next at 10:40.



Weekly reach of all media devices was 89% for all U.S. adults for TV (218.2 million). Reach is defined as unique audience, with the total number of different people exposed at least once to a medium during a given period.

Next was radio, 93% (227.8 million); connected TV devices, 44% (109 million); PCs, 50% (122.5 million); smartphones, 83% (203.4 million); and tablets, 37% (91.7 million).

Nielsen says that adult TV viewers are watching an average of 5.6 of 7 days per week and 4.1 days for connected TV, with nearly everyday use for smartphones.

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