Santander Bank Asks: Would You Sell Important Memories For Money?

This truly is a short movie for Santander Bank --18 minutes -- but it poses an interesting question: Would you sell your memories, the big, life-changing moments, for money? How do you put a cost on the memory of your first love? If you're a fan of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," give this film a go.

Kike Maillo directed the film, for which no expense was spared, as it was given a legit premiere at a sold-out theater in Madrid.

Adriana Ugarte stars as Lucia, a woman who marries a wealthy man. She lives in a mansion surrounded by help, and wears only the best clothes. When her husband's company takes a turn for the worse, Lucia starts selling her memories for beaucoup dollars -- $255,000 euros for one big event.

She gets addicted and starts selling memories left and right. Is the money and luxury that important? Does she really need so much help around the house? She loses track of present-day events, and arrives home one day to find she doesn't recognize her husband or realize she has a baby!

The movie ends with Lucia buying back her wedding-day memory since she sold it and can't remember her husband. Moral of all this: Keep your balance. Money is great, but don't let it destroy your happiness. MRM/McCann Spain created the campaign.



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