High-Speed Train Service Begs Movie Industry To Make Shorter Films

Long movies drive me nuts, but not for the same reasons that TGV, France's high-speed train service, has for encouraging a move to shorter films.

Starting July 2, TGV is speeding up. Riders will be able to travel from Paris to Bordeaux in just over two hours, compared to three hours, 15 minutes.

This is a huge problem for riders watching a typical movie. They'll arrive at their destination with an unfinished movie. A big issue -- said no one, ever, over the age of 10.

TGV's client relationship manager high-tails it to Hollywood to convince Kevin Costner, and the film industry as a whole, to stop making movies longer than two hours. That's a petition I would happily sign.

Camille Lou plays Valerie Ducombe, the woman who borderline stalks Kevin Costner in an attempt to shorten his latest film.



She sneaks on set, confronts Costner and is escorted out by security, but not without a copy of the script. The tenacious woman goes to her hotel room, edits the script down to less than two hours, and sneaks into Costner's office to leave the finished product.

He finds her hidden under a desk, but is impressed with her changes and vows to introduce her to other Hollywood directors. The video ends with Valerie taking the train and noticing the man next to her finishing a movie just as they arrive at their destination. Mission accomplished.

Buzzman created the video, directed by Kim Chapiron.

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