SpotX Teams Up With Immersion On Haptic-Responsive Video Advertising

SpotX said it has partnered with Immersion Corp., a developer of haptic technology, to bring haptic-responsive video advertising opportunities to market at scale on mobile devices. The video ad-serving platform said the partnership means that media owners on SpotX’s platform will have access to Immersion’s haptic technology. Haptic technology enables tactile sensations and control on mobile devices.

SpotX said the partnership automatically activates haptics across publishers with mobile inventory on its platform. By making the inventory available programmatically, demand-side platforms, agencies, and other buyers can integrate it into their planning and campaigns more easily. 

“As virtual reality, touchscreens, and wearable technology grow in popularity, opportunities to use haptics are growing rapidly, as high-quality tactile effects enhance the user experience,” stated Sergio De Acha, regional head of business development at Immersion. “With ads you can feel, touch taps into an additional sense to help brands differentiate themselves.”


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