Canada Supreme Court: Google Must Block Some Search Results Worldwide

Equustek has obtained an injunction from the B.C. Supreme Court of Canada ordering Google to remove a series of technology Web sites from its global search results based on a battle between the British Columbia technology company Equustek Solutions and distributor Datalink Technology Gateways. 

Equustek accused Datalink of re-labeling one of its products and selling it as their own online. 

The key words in the injunction -- "anywhere in the world," because Internet content is readily accessible worldwide -- could establish a foreshadowing of things to come.

Although Google had nothing to do with the original court order, the latest injunction granted against Google stems from the Equustek vs. Datalink case. It orders Google to stop displaying search results for Datalink's Web sites, "because Google’s search engine facilitates the defendants’ ongoing breach of the Court’s orders by leading customers to Datalink Web sites," according to the court order.

The original court order made on June 13 describes a battle between Equustek, a Burnaby, B.C. technology company that manufactures networking devices for industrial equipment, and DataLink Technologies Gateways.  

Google appealed the injunction in the Supreme Court of Canada, but the court found in favor of Equustek, "rejecting Google’s argument that the right to freedom of expression should have prevented the order from being issued," according to one report.

The Globe and Mail reports that Google intends to appeal the decision.

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