Consumers Easily Click On Risky Links: Study

Almost half of all consumers would click on dangerous links, leaving themselves open to phishing attacks. Yet they would be more careful when dealing with their bank, according to a study by NordVPN, a virtual private network provider.

The study found that 45% would click on questionable links or surrender personal information “where they shouldn’t.”

At the same time, almost 95% would ignore an email request from their bank for personal data.

NordVPN adds that “although users may recognize basic malicious emails, more sophisticated phishing attempts often still work."

The company urges email users to: 

  1. Check the sender’s email address — Don’t open it if it looks suspicious.
  2. Look for spelling and grammar mistakes — Serious companies don't make them
  3. Analyze at the greeting — Be wary if you see a “Dear User” greeting.
  4. Don't click on links — Hover your mouse to see the destination link, and make sure if has an "https.”
  5. Contact your bank by phone—This is to confirm if an email is legitimate.

NordVPN did not provide details on the methodology. 



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