CNN, Turner Sports Sign For Nielsen's OOH Service

Turner Broadcasting's CNN has become the first TV news network to sign onto Nielsen’s Out-of-Home Reporting service.

“Our partnership with Nielsen doubles down on the investments we have made and will provide influencers and advertisers with a more complete picture of the audience value we are delivering,” stated Robin Garfield, SVP of research and scheduling for CNN.

Turner also included Turner Sports programming in the deal.

Both CNN and Turner Sports will get syndicated program-level data on a weekly basis. That includes daily data for programming and commercial audience estimates.

The opt-in out-of-home service uses a fusion methodology combining the Portable People Meter (PPM) in 44 local TV markets -- from its nearly 77,000 installed persons panel -- with Nielsen’s national representative TV panel. Nielsen's OOH service represents 65% of the U.S. TV households “to project what is being viewed away from the home’s TV set.”

CNN began using Nielsen’s initial portable people meter (PPM) service in 2014.

Nielsen’s National Out-of-Home Reporting Service is a component of Nielsen’s Total Audience service, which provides viewing estimates for both in-home and out-of-home linear TV consumption.



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