NEW! Be Loud! And Proud Of It!

Oberto is working with agency Positivity to change the way people look at corporate suites at stadiums, particularly regarding the lack of true fans that usually inhabit them, by inviting the loudest fans to enjoy a game with Oberto Beef Jerky CEO Tom Hernquist.

Leveraging the Seattle Seahawk fanbase's pride as being the loudest stadium in all of sports as well as the beef jerky's hometown team, Oberto is hosting a competition at the Oberto booth at Westlake Center in Seattle on Friday, July 28th. Agency Highway 9 designed the actual booth, wrote up the contest rules and will manage most of the particulars on the day.

Attendees are invited to yell into a microphone expressing their football cheer with Seahawks mascot Blitz nearby lending his non-verbal support. The 12 fans who register the highest decibel readings will be invited to join Hernquist in the Oberto suite during the Seahawks game on October 29th versus the Houston Texans at CenturyLink Field.



During the game, these winners will join Hernquist as they attempt to create the loudest suite ever at a football game. Oberto will film these contestants and use the footage to share with news media and create its own content.

To help raise awareness for this project, social media shop Corbin Brands has transformed footage and stills from a previous event that runs across Oberto's social channels. These items are also being shared by Seahawks star and Oberto brand ambassador Richard Sherman.

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