Act-On Software Relaunches Marketing Education Program University

Marketing automation platform Act-On Software announced the launch of Act-On University on Tuesday, the second iteration of the company’s educational program.  

Act-On University is an online portal where Act-On customers can access a wide variety of educational courses, workshops, and webinars to continue their marketing education. Act-On University offers more than 40 classes as a jumping off point, tailored to support different marketing experience levels, specialties, and learning styles. In addition, Act-On University also offers certification courses.

Act-On Software has thoroughly revamped the design and functionality of Act-On University, and provides curriculum varying from basic courses to advanced levels of marketing automation. Marketers can choose to take classes in a one-on-one format, or in a collaborative environment with other marketers.

“We wanted to create an experience where you can learn from product experts, but also learn from other marketers,” says Michelle Huff, chief marketing officer of Act-On Software.



She says the educational portal is designed as a continuous program where marketers can learn how to use marketing automation tools and best practices.

Similar to the collegiate experience in the United States, Act-On University offers office hours where attendees can tackle problems together and even share their computer screens. There are also more individualized formats, such as in-person meetings.

Huff also believes that Act-On University could provide an opportunity for brands to train new employees.

“Everything in marketing comes down to revenue,” says Huff. “The faster you get people through with onboarding, the better.” 

Matt Zelen, chief customer officer at Act-On Software, describes why Act-On Software wanted to offer an individualized learning experience. 

“We have some customers that want to have a live interaction and want to hear about what other marketers are doing,” says Zelen. “Some people hate live components and want to watch a video at home at 1.5x speed. We tried to think of all the different ways marketers learn.”

Act-On University is free for any Act-On customer, regardless of subscription type, and is accessible via a graduation cap button in the upper right hand corner of the Act-On portal.

There are currently more than 40 courses in Act-On University, and the company confirms they plan to continuously expand the course library. Example courses currently include setting up your Act-On account, email deliverability basics, and the foundations of demand-generation. 

“The content won’t be static,” asserts Zelen. “We’ve already gotten some feedback from customers that they want more seminars around A/B testing and best practices.”

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