'Quartz' Adds 5 Product Launches, Including 2 Verticals

Celebrating its fifth anniversary this month, Quartz is launching five products, including a book, afternoon newsletter, two new verticals and multiple video series.

Quartz, which is Atlantic Media’s business news site, has published a book called “The Objects that Power the Global Economy." It will focus on the 10 objects changing the way people live, such as how they communicate, what they eat and the way they spend their money.

The book is based on reporting by Quartz’s global staff, with original photography and illustration, as well as data visualization and interactive features. Quartz will print 5,000 copies of the book, which is for sale on its site for $35 and starts shipping Oct. 4.

It isn’t the first successful digital publication to dip into publishing.

BuzzFeed turned its popular cooking vertical Tastyinto one of the bestselling cookbooks of the year, selling more than 100,000 copies by January 2017.



Quartz is also introducing an afternoon addition to its Daily Brief email newsletter. It will be called Quartz Obsession and focus on a single topic on the global economy each day. Existing Daily Brief subscribers will get it automatically.

Two new verticals will kick off this fall. In October, Quartz at Work, which will cover management, leadership, careers and the workplace.

“Our stories about these topics are already among the most popular with Quartz readers, and we see a clear opportunity to apply our global, future-focused approach to even more aspects of modern leadership,” Quartz’s editor-in-chief Kevin Delaney wrote in a letter to readers on the site.

In November, Quartz will launch a lifestyle and culture vertical called Quartzy. It is based on Quartz’s popular email newsletter with the same name. Both verticals will get their own dedicated editorial teams.

The publication will also debut three new video series this fall.

“In the Deep” focuses on the ocean and coral reefs, while “What Happens Next,” a collaboration with documentary news organization Retro Report, looks at the world’s most transformative technologies. “On the Edge” will spotlight the world’s last unexplored places, Delaney wrote.

Last month, Quartz’s website had 22 million unique visitors.

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