Native, In-Feed, Other New Formats Propel 'Display' To Dominant Internet Ad Share

Newer digital advertising formats -- including “in-feed,” native and paid content and video -- are driving the expansion of the so-called “display” advertising marketplace, according to an update of Zenith’s quarterly advertising forecast.

The new findings, released this morning, show that these newer units will account for 14% of the annual growth in total display advertising, a category which itself will account for 64% of the growth in global ad spending through 2019.

Not surprisingly, Zenith also forecasts that the total display ad marketplace will also emerge as digital’s biggest advertising segment, accounting for 50.4% of all Internet ad spending in 2019, displacing paid search and classified advertising for the first time.

“Most of this growth is coming from social media (which will grow at 20% a year) and online video (which will grow at 21% a year),” Zenith Head of Forecasting and Director of Global Intelligence Jonathan Barnard writes in the new report, noting: “Social media is central to many of its users’ digital lives -- it’s where they plan their social life, read their news and document their activities -- and brands can use it to communicate with them very effectively. And online video is much better at conveying brand values than traditional display formats like banners. These are no longer mutually exclusive categories; indeed video advertising is now central to the growth strategies of most social media platforms.”



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