Google Ad Advantage Program Builds To 'A Few Hundred'

Google has launched an ad program the company calls Advantage to help companies strengthen their digital advertising strategies.

The program, which launched a few months ago, is currently rolling out across the U.S., according to a Google spokesperson.

Today, Google is working with a few hundred businesses. Each are invited to work with Google for 90 days to build their digital advertising strategy.

The idea is to provide a proof of concept within three months with Google's advertising platforms, from search to display and video, according to one participant, who said the team meets with them weekly to review strategy.

The Advantage team helps advertisers design, launch and optimize their first Google Ads campaign based on business objectives and audience insights. The company invites specific businesses that will benefit the most.

Typically, Google will work with high growth and established businesses interested in furthering their digital advertising strategies, but the nearly two-month startup AdWallet qualified to be part of the program. Google has been working with the company for the past month in preparation to launch their first advertising campaign, according to the spokesperson. 



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