Ryder Trucks Launches Campaign With 'Inc.'

Ryder Trucks is teaming up with Inc. magazine for a national branding campaign.

Inc. is a national magazine devoted to small business and fast-growing private companies, one of Ryder’s target audiences. These types of companies, along with start-ups, rely on their supply chains on a daily basis. With trucking in particular, there are all kinds of hidden costs of ownership: regulations, new technologies, shortages of qualified drivers and other factors.

The effort uses the tagline "Choosing Growth.” It will promote the Ryder ChoiceLease program and will educate business owners and decision makers how to navigate supply chains/logistics (including costs and regulations) and make the right choices for their businesses.

The program includes a custom e-book, "Choosing Growth: A Guide to Scalable and Rapid Growth through Smart Fleet Budgeting” designed to educate business owners, COOs and CFOs on the costs, hidden costs and the best way to minimize such costs when it comes to fleet management. The e-book will be "gated" on the website, requiring registration in order to download it, sparking lead generation. Ryder is licensing the book for its own distribution.



Inc. will tap into the competitive nature of its audience, and design an interactive “quiz” to engage business owners/decision makers and test their expertise of supply chains and fleet logistics.

The objective is to help businesses understand and quantify the advantages of leasing their truck fleets from an outsource provider like Ryder versus devoting increasing amounts of capital and management time necessary to keep up with the complexities of owning and operating their own fleets, says Karen Jones, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Ryder System, Inc.

“The campaign underscores how truck owners are essentially dumping cash all over America’s highways from all the hidden costs required in maintaining a private fleet,” Jones tells Marketing Daily. “We selected Inc. as a media partner because they’re a respected voice for companies of all sizes that are trying to take their businesses to the next level.” 

Besides the partnership with Inc., the fully-integrated campaign from Crispin Porter + Bogulsky, includes an NFL TV buy with ESPN, direct mail, social media with partners such as Facebook and national print and digital with Inc.,The Wall Street Journal and industry publications including Fleet Owner. 

The target audience is any business that owns and operates a fleet of trucks, Jones says. 

“The business could be any size, but there’s a tremendous opportunity among small and medium businesses that are looking for ways to grow by leveraging their capital investments better via leasing versus owning,” she says. “Our Total Cost of Ownership tool, which we developed with Ernst & Young and recently quantified with KPMG, proves that Ryder can save businesses up to 25% in fleet management costs when they outsource to Ryder.”

Ryder has advertised its fleet leasing product many times through the years, she says.

“What’s new is that current technology, cost, complexity, and regulatory trends are converging and making it increasingly difficult for companies to operate fleets on their own,” she says. “In addition, we added more options to our product offering so that businesses now have a variety of leases to choose from.”

About 90% of businesses in the target market do not currently outsource their truck fleets, and Ryder’s research shows they are looking for a much wider range of flexible options than what our industry has traditionally offered, Jones says.

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