Sigstr Now Certified As HubSpot Connect Partner

Sigstr announced the expansion of its HubSpot integration on Tuesday, enabling marketers to incorporate personalized email signatures into their outbound workflows.   

Sigstr is now a certified HubSpot Connect Partner, and its existing HubSpot integration has been revamped with new features and capabilities.

The Indianapolis-based company specializes in employee email personalization. Sigstr’s platform utilizes the conclusion of an email message as an additional marketing opportunity, transforming an email signature into a dynamic, clickable banner ad. 

HubSpot customers can now connect their CRM workflows to Sigstr to make it easier to integrate Sigstr’s capabilities into email templates and outgoing campaigns. Sigstr, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) marketing technology, supports popular employee email systems like Gmail and Outlook. 

Sigstr has had a busy summer, launching two new platform features and closing on its first-ever funding round. The company launched an event-based marketing feature in July and account-based marketing functionality in May.

HubSpot also participated in Sigstr’s $5 million Series A funding round last month, the company’s third investment. 



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