LLBean's New 'Outsider' Manifesto: It Helps To Be Outside When You Read It

The VIA Agency has created a “manifesto” to go with client L.L.Bean’s “Be An Outsider” campaign. The manifesto  was distributed today (the first day of fall) as a full-page insert in the New York Times.  

And it helps a lot if you’re outside when you read it -- because the ink with which it's written only appears when exposed to UV rays.

Yes, you can bring it to a sun-exposed window and the words will also appear. Just be sure to keep it exposed to the light, unless you’re a really fast reader, because the ink fades quickly when the ad isn’t in direct sunlight.

“Welcome to the outside,” the manifesto begins. “Where there are no strangers. Only friends we haven’t met yet.”

It concludes: "On the inside, we’re all outsiders. And if it’s outside, we’re all in.”

The agency worked with Colorado-based CTI Inks and its photochromic ink and printing process to help bring the idea to life.

Have a look here



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