Ubimo Turns Location Data Into Real-World Behavioral Triggers For Business Analysis

Mobile phones are notorious for collecting mounds of data, which has sparked privacy concerns.

"It's true," said Ran Ben-Yair, Ubimo CEO and cofounder. "Permission status could be better, but companies like Apple and Google are working to improve that."

Ben-Yair's team is working on that, too, along with mapping location data that uses dynamic polygon technology to turn a street-level address into a physical description of a building. His team at Ubimo developed that technology, along with a double opt-in process that the company plans to announce Monday. The technology aims to help marketers identify behavioral patterns and trends in aggregate from mobile phone data.

Ben Yair calls this "enterprise location intelligence."

The platform, Polaris, integrates first- and third-party data and lets marketers analyze visitation trends, as well as generate competitive reports and foot traffic attribution. Ubimo developed the platform, powered by artificial intelligence, to enable marketers to customize audience segments based on real-time consumer behavior.



Kinetic N.A., a WPP Group agency, and Advantage Media Solutions, have been early adopters of the platform.

Not all location data is directly related to ad buys. Some help companies develop business strategies and roadmaps for their own products. Location data, for example, can give retailers the ability to link behavioral trends in stores to business strategies and analysis.

Historically, Ubimo was focused on real-time targeting, competing with location-based mobile DSPs such as Millennial Media. Now Ubimo will turn its focus toward business intelligence, helping companies use data to answer a variety of business questions. 

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