The Yin And Yang Of Creative And Data

While data drives increasingly precise and in-the-moment targeting, creative is still at the core of every successful campaign.

Droga5's Amy Avery, GroupM's Evan Hanlon and PepsiCo's Jessica Spaulding joined moderator Joe Kowan of Media IQ at NYC's Advertising Week on Wednesday to discuss how data can effectively work alongside creative for better messaging.

Briefs tend to be overly general, says Avery. "People that can breathe and can be on any channel,” she quipped.

Avery points out that data, if interpreted correctly, can lead to more precise insights and clarity for a better pitch. Instead of everyone, data can identify younger moms that are stressed but largely spend time on Instagram. "Now, run with that brief," she says.

Misconceptions persist when it comes to data mavens. "Part of the problem is [learning to] speak each other language," says Avery.

Agility is key in the real-time era and collaboration between different agency teams is critical.



“Creative and media agencies working in lockstep rather than separately and independently. If they don't work together, the work won't be as strong,” says Spaulding.

PepsiCo recently filmed a campaign that included TV spots, static components and print executions that would not have happened a few years ago, given agencies' habit of staying in their own siloes. However, because the media and creative were "working in lockstep," the "super-efficient" strategy enabled PepsiCo to develop all of the pieces at the same time to tell the story.

"We spend so much time on the fragmented media change, but there is fragmentation of the industry, as well," says Hanlon. “What lane does a media agency have to stick with? There is definitely room for new models,” he adds.

However, "if we all aren't ready to pivot together, there is room for significant trouble," Hanlon cautions.
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