IAB Tech Labs Designs Workaround For Apple Safari Browser Tracking Changes

The IAB Tech Lab and those participating in its Identify Standards Working Group have developed workarounds for Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention standard, which has reduced the value of advertising impressions that serve up on mobile and desktop in Safari.

Dennis Buchheim, senior vice president and general manager of the IAB Tech Lab, details in a post some short-term options to help buyers, publishers and platform companies better understand how to lessen the impact of Apple's Safari browser tracking changes.

Buchheim and his team have identified several approaches that companies should take. The tasks are based on the need to account for interoperable measurement and activation of data across channels and formats. -- as well as a user-level path-to-conversion tracking, which is central to effective attribution and campaign optimization.

To begin, media buyers should consider a first-party data strategy by leveraging first-party cookies in combination with ID matching to protect and activate data assets. They should also apply non-cookie-based technologies for user identification and impression valuation, and focus on reach and targeting in Safari based on companies that have a relationships with consumers. Leverage that relationship for custom targeting and measurement their owned-and-operated properties.

For publishers, Buchheim suggests reprioritizing contextual signals to value impressions. Develop a first-party data strategy by collecting and activating first-party cookies to enrich inventory value in open exchange and private marketplace (PMP) contexts. This will require three steps, which are outlined in the blog.

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