StoryPorts Releases Spotify Email Widget

Would you have opened that deleted email this morning if it had contained a playlist of Tom Petty’s greatest hits?

Email marketers can now incorporate Spotify albums and playlists into their campaigns, with the recent release of Spotify Email Widget by StoryPorts.

StoryPorts is a marketing automation platform that can pull content from more than 30 online content feeds such as Facebook or Twitter to populate interactive email campaigns. The company can now pull Spotify content into HTML email templates, and the company is compatible with any ESP or automation platform including HubSpot, Pardot, and MailChimp. 

StoryPorts’ Spotify widget is easy to use and developed with a drag-and-drop design. The company claims that the widget is responsive, so album artwork and play buttons display in every email client or device.



The playlist does not yet play in the email client. Instead, listeners who click on a track are then taken to the Spotify mobile application or desktop client to listen to the song selected.

Although StoryPorts’ widget is not yet fully integrated, it’s apparent why the company’s musical clients requested such a feature. StoryPorts works with Warner Music Group, Sony Music Group, and Universal Music Group -- all labels looking to promote the music talents of their roster.

But it’s not just record labels that could benefit from adding music to their email campaigns. Music has been shown to influence shopping behaviors and pace, tempo and genre can all influence consumers’ emotions.

It’s not just brick-and-mortar stores that can influence customers to shop with music -- email marketers would be smart to do the same. 


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