SunTrust To Plant Forest In Times Square

SunTrust Bank’s LightStream is erecting a forest in NYC's Times Square to illustrate how the online lending division "makes dreams come true." The company has planted a tree for every loan it finances, adding up to more than 1,000 acres of trees planted since 2013. 

Developed with Digital Domination, EventPermits, Cookerly Public Relations, and set designer Kory Diskin, the "Forest of Dreams" activation will be staged October 18 with live trees and rescued animals right in the middle of Times Square. Visitors can have their photo taken against a forest background which may be shared on a Times Square billboard.

The first 10,000 people - both in--person or by visiting a LightStream website--will also have a tree planted on their behalf. Online visitors who submit a photo here will receive an email with their picture customized, as if they were at the event and might be featured on the Times Square billboard.



The event will be supported with a time-lapse film chronicling the buildout, as well as with the #lightstreamforests; #forestofdreams hashtags. American Forest will live stream via Facebook during the day. 

“The Forest of Dreams is LightStream’s way of celebrating the hundreds of thousands of dreams we’ve helped make a reality for our customers,” says Todd Nelson, business development officer, LightStream. 

A portion of the Forest of Dreams’ donations will benefit areas recently decimated by hurricanes, including Houston and Miami.  

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