Google Releases Latest AdWords Interface To All

Google released the new AdWords interface to all advertisers on Wednesday. The rollout features data visualization enhancements and quicker load times of account data up to 20%.

Reports, bid adjustments, and landing pages, along with other features that Google blogged about during the past several months, are included in this version, which the company announced in 2016.

The new version focuses on mobile-first to support its business model of indexing searches for mobile-first.  

The post announcing the rollout highlights several case studies. One from search agency iProspect UK underscores the use of AdWords for Simply Be's swimwear campaign.

Simply Be, a plus-size retailer in the UK, launched the We Are Curves campaign focusing on all women with curves and being confident in your own skin.

The new AdWords interface gave the retailer the data to "effectively change the business" and target a specific type of women, said Andrew Johnson, paid search manager at Simply Be, in a video posted to YouTube.

Time of day in hours and impressions are seen in a pie chart, for example. The brand also can remove keywords "in bulk" not producing impressions. The immediate results enabled the brand to invest more money in campaigns that were performing well.

Marketers can become acquainted with the new interface and its features through the guided tour. 

Other early testers such as Mexico-based Juice by Hand, which offers cold-pressed juices and drinks for a healthier lifestyle, also realized an incremental lift in revenue. The company used AdWords to target many more consumers searching for weight loss, customized plans, and other related keywords.

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